Nutrition Coaching

At Brazilian Body Science, we believe that nutrition and the way you eat is not “one-size fits all.” Everyone has different likes, dislikes, biology, metabolism, allergies, personality, diseases, and potential conditions. Our Transformation program assesses your wants and needs and creates a nutrition plan that is right for you.

We have seen clients cure type 2 diabetes, lose 30 pounds, and completely change their life. Don’t settle for not being your best, start our Transformation Program to optimal health today!


Customized diet plan
On-going nutrition coaching for member
Healthy lifestyle coaching
2 counseling sessions with nutritionist
Recipes, meal plan, education and on-going support


Weight loss (5-20 lbs) & Fat Loss
Control Appetite & Eliminate Cravings with Real Food
Improve Immune System and Optimal Organ Function
Sugar Detox Removes Toxins, Detox Liver & Rid Excess Waste
Eliminate Aches and Pains
Reduce bloat & Water Retention
Ignite Metabolism & Heal Lymphatic system
Physical Addiction Relief


Luciano BBF

Luciano Bandeira is a professional fitness chef.

Book your schedule for private health lean and lower carbs cooking class.
Contact us today invite your friend and learn how to cook delicious health food.

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