Transformation Program

Our Corporate Transformation Program was designed for companies and groups to learn and begin living a healthier lifestyle together as a team. It begins with our Lifestyle workshop to teach the group what they need to know to be successful and develop their personal blueprint for success.


  • On-site 1-day Wellness success workshop: 8 hours learning and designing your personal blueprint for success
  • Bio-metric evaluation done for each individual to determine starting point and individual needs
  • Personality, nutrition, personal profile, and physical testing completed
  • Take action Goal-setting, planning and putting motivational principles into motion
  • Learn meditation, relax, and control stress and anxiety
  • Discover your personal healthy nutrition and fitness plan for life that YOU will enjoy
  • Executive, Management, and Staff programs available
  • On-site 4 week checkpoint to evaluate and adjust each individuals program where it’s necessary to continue to see optimum progress
  • On-going coaching support and accountability through a team effort
  • On-site Final checkpoint to evaluate each individual’s progress and adjust their lifetime program for long term success

Benefits for attendees:

  • Lose weight, achieve optimum health, find a healthy lifestyle plan that works for you long term
  • Treat and prevent health conditions
  • Increase immune system: get sick less, feel better, and have more energy!
  • Become successful in all areas of your life

Benefits for business owners or corporate investors:

  • Complete bio-metric reports given at end of program to show measurable progress and return on investment
  • Productivity increase up to 32% for each employee enrolled in the program
  • Sick days and hospital visits down 22% on average during and post program
  • More focused, motivated, healthier workforce
  • Program uses team-building to create a happy strong workforce that works together better
  • Insurance premiums eventually lower due to less claims and healthier employees
  • Better employment job satisfaction and lower turnover
  • Program is offered anywhere in the United States
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